Do I need a website of my own?

A question I get asked often is – do I need a website of my own?
This is a GREAT question. When I started in web design business I asked
exactly the same. I had precisely ZERO knowledge of how to create a
website. The thought terrified me. I had the attitude "I can’t do that" (an
attitude incidentally that I had to change and so will you).

It would be so much easier – so I thought – to use a website that I could
get for free, and that was already set up for me. Particularly as there are
so many free websites available.

Let me be blunt here.

Your website is integral to the success of your business. YOUR website,
not somebody else’s. If you don’t spend at least a little time getting to
learn the basics (which is the point of these articles) you will be constantly nervous when working from home, as there will be a huge part of your business that you ‘don’t really understand.’ Clearly you cannot operate like this.

What happens when something goes wrong, or you want to make a very simple change to your site? Will you call up your technical person or your web buddy every time? Will you out-source all your web questions to someone else? Your website is the life blood of your business. Get used to it. If you really are serious about making money from home, you need to get over your web fear. You will accomplish that with this

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