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These are free image hosting services that allow free hotlinking pictures / photos / images (free direct linking and embedding the images on another web site, such as eBay auctions / listings, MySpace, blogs, forums, messageboards, and other web sites. For a more extensive list, see the free photo hosting directory.

Free Image Host ServiceMaximum FileSizeHosted Pictures LastBandwidth Limit
( "-" = Unspecified )
FileTypes /
File Extensions
Comments / Reviews
Hotlink Files50 MBUnlimited8000 MB/month (8 GB monthly)All file typesRegistration Required?: Optional. provides free file hosting services with direct linking files allowed for all filetypes (not just pictures and images). Registering gives extra features, but the anonymous uploader form allows uploading images up to a maximum filesize of 5 MB. Registered members can create private, public, or hidden folders. Users can upload a zip file of image files to be extracted on their dedicated web server. Hosted files are stored on the webserver forever (indefinitely).
Image Venue1.5 MBForever if active; Inactive images deleted after a yearUnlimitedJPEG, JPGRegistration Required?: Optional. Hotlinking thumbnails free was allowed (but does not work now), but only ImageVenue paid premium members can hotlink large fullsize images. The free free image hosting service is run on a reliable Linux dedicated server network.

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