Free mailing list services

A mailing list service allows you to send emails to a relatively large group of people (newsletter), or to have a moderated mailing list (discussion group) where subscribers can post their own messages.
Please note that the people receiving these messages have voluntarily subscribed to your list, and can unsubscribe from it at any time.
This is not to be confused with spamming, which is the act of sending email to large groups of people who never asked for it.

Aardvark Mailinglist
Free opt-in mailing lists and newsletters for your web site.

Coollist is a web-based system for anyone to easily create free mailing lists.

Free mailing list provider - mostly for Internet and technology related groups. It does not pose any limits on the number of mails you are sending, the size of each email, or the number of subscribers to your list.
Unfortunately, FreeLists sends a separate email each month to all your subscribers requesting a donation.

Free mailing list provider with strict anti-spam policies.

Yahoo Groups
Allows for free mailing lists of almost any type, moderated or non-moderated. Easily configurable options. Yahoo might append advertisements to your messages.

Free mailing list provider with support for plain text & HTML formats, message scheduling, subscription web forms. The maximum number of subscribers for your mailing list is 100,000

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